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Before You Choose Your High Speed Satellite Internet Service - Think About These 4 Things!

If you live or work in a rural part of America and youíre looking for a better, faster way to connect to the world wide web than dial-up or a slow cable DSL service. Modern high speed satellite internet service can give you the connectivity, reliability and all important speed to surf and use the internet to the fullest!

1.  More Options

Technology is blazing our trail in new and exciting ways all the time. There are several technologies and hundreds of sevice providers that offer high speed internet access. But for many that choose to live off the beaten path, in the country or in a rural geography most types of DSL and other high speed internet services are not available.

Thankfully we have modern high speed satellite internet service as a great option and in fact the best option for most rural locations in the United States. Hihg satellite is often times up to five hundred times faster than dial up and 3 to 5 times faster than cable many cable DSL services!

 2. A Professional Installation

Part of the technologically intensive transmission process involves having a receiver satellite dish thatís installed correctly.  If you want your satellite internet service to work properly, youíve got to make sure that your dish is installed without anything standing in its way (like tree branches or other buildings).  Your dish also has to be installed facing the south in order to pick up the signal being transmitted from outer space.

 3.  Speed Matters

Before you go to the trouble of having a satellite dish installed at your home or office, youíve got to make sure that the speed your provider is offering is right for you.  The most competitive home user speeds on the market is 10Mb to 15Mb download.  This is faster than many DSL services. It's faster than many cable providers.

 4.  Price Matters

If a high speed satellite internet service plan exceeds $100 per month at the highest level or tier of service, for speeds up to 15Mbps and monthly (not daily!) data allowances of 40 gig or so. You're probably going to pay too much. If the base level of service for around 10Mbps download speeds and 20 gig of data exceeds much more than $2 per day. You can do better. The fact is you don;t have to pay too much for really reliable fast high speed internet service no matter where in America you choose to call home!


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